Reception home learning Wednesday 2nd December

Welcome once again – here we are with today’s learning! Well done to all the children who got a certificate yesterday – I was very busy getting them ready as there were so many to do! Keep sharing the work over on Tapestry or by email

We have lots more for you to do today – enjoy!

Phonics for children who sit on Mrs O’Hagan’s carpet at phonics time

Phonics for all other children

If your child is not yet recognising all the sounds, here is a really fun game that will help them – you can play it anytime and see if you can keep improving your score!

Mrs Szabo has been playing this game with her son Norbert –

Speaking and Listening

Here’s another one of Mrs Henderson listening games

Understanding the World and Literacy

Last week, in maths, we fed the owlets some worms.  Here’s a picture of another nocturnal animal eating a juicy, fat worm!  Can you remember the name of that animal?

The Life and Death of the Typical Earthworm | HowStuffWorks

In literacy today I would like you to think of as many interesting words to describe worms and then I would like you to make an interesting sentence with your words – for example – the long, pink, worm is wriggling quickly up and down Mrs Tucker’s hand.  Some children will make a simple sentence and some more complicated.  Either way, adults, please write down their sentence and then get them to ‘up level’ it by which we mean make it even better and more interesting – for example – the long, pink, plump worm is wriggling and slithering up and down and all around Mrs Tucker’s cold hand.  The children could then have a go at sounding out some of the simpler words or writing a simple sentence about the worms.

Understanding the World

When we look at things around us we need to use our observational skills.  This is when you look really carefully at something.  Later in the year we will use our observational skills in art when we learn how to draw things from looking at them and not draw things from our imagination.  So, Mrs Henderson has made some observation challenges for you but you need to concentrate and look very closely at her pictures so that you can answer her questions correctly.



Another counting starter with Mrs O’Hagan – this time, you can’t see what you need to count, you have to listen.

Mrs Henderson has got a fantastic maths lesson for you today, this one is all about prepositions, here she is to tell you all about them –


Again just to mention that the Oxford Owl e-books do not fit our phonics scheme perfectly, so there may be some sounds or words that your child will need support with. Remember – you need to be signed into Oxford Owl before you click the link.

If your child is not yet blending (pushing the sounds together to read the word) then please have a go at blending these words –

then have a look at Tiger’s Family ( The children will need help with the names and some words.

If your child is confident sounding out and beginning to blend please read this book, they will need help with the names and some of the longer words –

Tiger’s Family (

If your child is blending please look at –

The Dragon Balloon (

If your child is reading confidently, then look at this book, again there are some digraphs (2 letters which make one sound) which you may have to help the children with.

Let’s go! (

Story time

Remember that we have a story time at 2.30pm (the link has been e-mailed but if you have not received then e mail us).  But if not here is a very funny story from Mrs Cieslik –


Have a great day children and grown ups! We are half way through the week at lunch time! Remember to keep sharing your work with us over on Tapestry, we are loving seeing it!

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