Year 4 – Home Learning for those isolating – 23.11.20

Here is some of what we will be covering in Maths and English this week:

Don’t fit it all into 1 day, we will update with some new learning in a few days.



We are beginning to look at the fairy tale Cinderella.

Can you order these words into a sentence that makes sense, make sure you put the correct punctuation in.

His            palace        the        royal       at          ball        the       Prince        is         a           holding


by        attend     to     required     is      royal    command       eligible    every   maiden    


Once they’re in an order you are happy with, underline the nouns, verbs and adjectives.


We have also been looking at connective openers. Have a look at these sentences and see if you can arrange them so that the connective is at the beginning. Remember your sentence must make sense!

Rupert wears his coat when it is raining.

Sam was happy although he was in trouble.

I brush my teeth when I’ve eaten sweets.

I always wear a jumper if it is cold.




Follow the videos and have a go at the column subtraction.

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