Friendship Week – the finale! PLEASE WEAR BLUE!

If you are at home today please make sure you wear blue as this is what everyone is doing at school. This week has been friendship week and today we focus on anti-bullying. Blue is the colour of the Anti-Bullying Alliance which is why we are wearing this colour today.

The activity below involves you creating your own unique jigsaw piece for a class jigsaw puzzle.

In the centre of the puzzle piece, you should write down what you would choose to do to take a stand against bullying. Write down your action starting with “I choose…”. For example:

  • I choose to be kind and not leave people out at playtime.
  • I choose to tell an adult if I see someone being bullied.

Once you have written your statement, you should design your puzzle piece in your own unique way that celebrates who you are. You could draw symbols of things you enjoy such as hobbies or clubs you are part of using colours, shapes and patterns you like. The choice is yours!

Handout 2 – Puzzle Piece_0

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