Reception’s Learning week commencing 9th November

We started this week with the visit from the farm which the children all loved!  Ark Farm brought in sheep, goats, a donkey, hen, ducks and a dog.  The children learnt about where the animals live, their features (fur, feathers, wool, shape of ears, feet, beaks etc), what they eat and how to look after them.

The children have been trying to write simple words in their writing – the names of the animals – pig, hen, cat, dog, rat.  Some have been attempting to write sentences to describe them eg. The pig was fat. The hen is red.  As the children are making progress with their reading and writing it is becoming more important that they learn how to sight read and write the high frequency words such as the or was.  These are stapled at the front of their yellow reading records.  Please can you help them to do this at home.

In maths this week we have carried on with the part-part whole method to add 2 numbers (see last weeks blog).  We have also looked at the properties of 3D shapes – see if your child can find a cube (eg dice), cuboid (eg cereal packet), sphere (eg ball) and cylinder (eg tin of beans) in the house.

Lots of the children are making progress with their fine motor skills and holding a controlling a pen/pencil better.  More and more have learnt how to write their name – please keep practising this if they are not yet able to do so.

Finally we were so proud of the children on Thursday as they did the two minute silence very respectfully and all sat quietly.

Thank you for your support


The Reception Team



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