Home Learning – Week Commencing: 09/11/20

Good Morning Year 1 : ),


Here are your activities for the week …



If you or your child are unsure of which Phonics group they are in, please contact us via email on: yearone@lingsprimary.org.uk





Today we would like you to write about what you like doing and what you like eating.

Collect your ideas and draw pictures of what you like. 

Can you do a mime and get someone to guess what you like eating/doing?

Can you write at least 2 sentences? You can use the sentence starter I like……

Can you then join two ideas together with an ‘and. 



Today we are going to write a list. 

We would like you to write your own list of things that you like.

It can be things that you like eating, watching, wearing and/or things you like to do 

Remember when you write a list, each word goes on a new line!



(Handwriting practice)



We would like you to write all about yourself. 

Can you make a presentation piece that is illustrated and in your best handwriting?

You can include what you look like, what you like doing and what you like eating.

You can tell us about your family, pets, your room and your home. You can use the sentence starters:  

I can … 

I have … 

I like … 

I am … 

The challenge: Can you use an and in your sentence to join two ideas, remember only to use one and in a sentence. 



Today we would like you to create a picture to go with your writing. 

Get a mirror and look at yourself and draw a selfportrait. 

Can you check your writing from yesterday and check you have used capital letters and full stops? 

Have you used an ‘and’ in your sentence? Is there anything else you would like to add?

Finish the piece of work and send it to our Year 1 email address.





Today we are going to investigate a pack of cards. Encourage your child to sort the pack into the four suites and name the suites. 

Now put each suite into order on the table starting with the Ace and ending with the Jack, Queen and King.

Your child could do this any number of times. How quickly can they do it? Could you time them? 

Now look at the pack and talk about what you see. 

How many 2s are there? How many 4s? How many in a pack all together? How many Queens? What’s an Ace worth? What are a Jack, Queen and King worth? 


Teach your child to play the missing card game.  

When the cards are all laid out in suites – and in order – take one card away in secret.

Can they identify which card is missing? 

Play the wrong order game … when the cards are set out and ordered, mix the order of two cards, can they identify which cards are muddled? 



Take the , Queen and Kings out of the pack and use the number cards only for today’s work. 

Today we are going to use your cards for addition. 

Addition gamechild picks 2 cards, place them on the table.  

Encourage your child to add them together. Can they speak an addition sentence, e.g. add 5 equals 9.

 Children to speak their number sentence and work out sum verbally  using add and equals.   



Take the Jack, Queen, Kings out of the pack and use the number cards only for today’s work. 

Do the same activity as yesterday and play the addition game and speak the sentence.

Then using numbers and the symbols record findings on paper.  

E.g. 4+5=9



Take the Jack, Queen and Kings out of the pack and use the number cards only for today’s work. 

Investigate 3 cards. Record your calculations  adding cards together. 

Put your cards into a pile and then choose 3 cards. Can you add them together?

Speak your number sentence. Can you record your findings using numbers and the symbols = and +?



Today we are going to do the same addition game as yesterday but the challenge is to use the picture cards in your pack as well.

You may need some counters or Lego bricks to help you add up the totals!

What happens if you use the picture cards? How many are they worth? Can you add them together? What would you use to help you count? 

Record your findings using numbers and symbols. 



Wider Curriculum


Watch the link below:


Discuss how you would use your senses e.g. smell a cake with your nose or touch a blanket with your hand.   

Smell activity – place different foods in pots, e.g. cotton wool soaked in vinegar, garlic, orange peel, soil, coffee, onion and mint. 

Using only your sense of smell, record what you can smell.



What landmarks can be found in Northampton?

Draw a picture of your favourite landmark.



Key Question: Why do Christians give gifts at Christmas?

Watch this video: https://gochattervideos.com/john-lewis-christmas-advert-remake/

The key message of this video is that Jesus is a precious gift for Christians.
Sometimes the most precious gift for us is not a huge, fancy, expensive gift.
Have you ever considered the birth of Jesus at Christmas to be a ‘gift’?
Gifts need to be opened and received – so how should we respond to God’s great gift?

Activity: Write a gift tag for a special gift for the world.





How are you different/the same as your friend(s)?

This might be how you look or things that you like to do.

For example, Miss Simons likes chocolate but Mrs Brookes and Mrs Roberts like cake.



Have a great week and don’t forget to send us your work each day, so that we can see what you have been up to and how hard you have been working! We keep all of your work safe that you send to us!

Send your work to us at: yearone@lingsprimary.org.uk

Keep Smiling,

Year 1 Team : )

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