Friday 17th July – Year 6

Warm up:



Before we went in to lockdown, I started writing the Year 5/6 Leavers Show.

The idea behind the show was that four children were sat in the classroom on a rainy, wet break time, talking about life at Lings when, all of a sudden, a big, red button appeared on the wall! Of course someone just had to press it! When the button was pressed, the children were transported to an escape room where they were told they had to complete several tasks to help them get back to real life. All the tasks were based on events that happened throughout their time at school i.e. orienteering in the dark at residential or finding something in the sand tray during Reception.

I want you to help me write the rest. You can either write the whole play or you could choose one event and explain the task that the children have to complete to get to the next stage. Make it funny, exciting and a little bit dangerous!



For today’s maths lesson, I would like you to create a handy, helpful booklet for the current Year 5 children. I want them to be able to use your booklet alongside their SISKAM book. You might want to organise your booklet into sections i.e. place value, fractions, shapes etc. You might also want to include key mathematical rules i.e. angles in a triangle add up to 180 degrees, prime numbers are numbers that can only be divided by themselves and the number 1 etc. Finally, you might want to include examples of strategies that they can use i.e. an example of bus stop, an example of how to add fractions etc.



I would like you to spend some time reflecting on your journey at Lings.

Things you could think about:

– What was the most important lesson that you learnt? (Doesn’t have to be learning based)

– What was your best memory?

– If you could do it all again, would you change anything?


Now why not spend some time reading through the notes in your envelope. Perhaps you could start writing them on your shirts.


Online Safety:


Final message:

That is it Year 6, the summer holidays have officially begun!

I want to say a huge thank you to every single one of you for making my year so special (a little crazy – but definitely special). I have loved being your teacher and I wish you the best of luck as you continue your learning journey. Just because I won’t be your teacher any more, it doesn’t mean I can’t help you anymore! You know where I am if you ever need anything.

Look after yourselves and each other.

Miss Kinsella x



Other tasks that you could do today:

– Complete your transition booklet

– Complete your ‘Memories of Lings’ booklet

– Start thinking about what you will need for school in September.



One thought on “Friday 17th July – Year 6

  • 17th July 2020 at 9:26 am

    the children didn’t know what they had to do until a wonderful teacher called miss Kinsella came. she came with a nother wonderful teacher named mrs murruza . they came up the the children and explained every thing they need to do in every little deatail that was needed [ just like they do now ].they where able to do every think that came across there way but that was only because the two wonderful teachers. they both sat there thinking and saying to each other that they are so proud that they have made the children know what to do and they understood everything until one of a person called Amelie came along and said “what do I need to doo”


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