Year 2 Home Learning Tasks – Wednesday 17th June

Hi Year 2

We are so proud of you and can’t wait to see your learning!

Here are today’s learning activities.


English Reading

Read the following text.

This is the Dreamgiver and by cracking his dream eggs he makes sure the children’s nights are pleasurable. 

He creates the dreams by cracking the eggs onto stories, posters and ballet shoes. But what will happen if an egg is accidentally spilt on something not so nice? 


In full sentences write what you think will happen if the egg is on something not so nice?

Can you think of a different word to use instead of ‘nice’. You know we don’t like that word!


English Writing

Look around your home and pick an object that you would want a dream about.

I would pick a wooden spoon and in my dream I’m an amazing baker and bake a giant cake for the Queen.

In full sentences tell me about the object and what would happen in your dream.


Sounds-Write Phonics – Focus sound /air/  spelling <are>   

Review – read the following Year 2 common exception words: who, everybody, behind, prove, many

Read: rare, care, share, aware, flare

Write : scare, mare, fared, beware

Sound swap: (some nonsense and some real words)

care, – scare – scared – cared – dared – dare – fare – flare


Maths – Basic Skills

If I start at 6 and count in 2’s to 20, will I say the number 14?

How do you know?


Maths – Task

Solve the following problems




Warm up: Wiggle your fingers up high, down low, to the side and in front of you.
Stretch your fingers out like fireworks nine times.
Can you write the following Year 2 Common Exception Words joined up at least six times? Remember to leave a finger space.






Tick your neatest formation and be proud of your handwriting.



Look around your home.

Can you see any objects made of the same materials as the ones you have identified?

How would you describe them using scientific language?



Enjoy reading the following story.

Click to access the-tino-the-rhear-and-the-biger-pratham-FKB.pdf




Remember to leave us a comment on the blog to share your learning or you can email it to us at

As teachers are back in school teaching we won’t be able to always answer comments on the blogs or reply to emails about your fantastic learning on the same day. Even though we might not respond right away please know we are seeing your work and are very proud of you so please still show us.

We look forward to seeing your work!


Miss Duncan and Miss Battams


2 thoughts on “Year 2 Home Learning Tasks – Wednesday 17th June

  • 17th June 2020 at 11:06 am

    The children have nightmares if the egg is spilt like a spider. I think it would tun into a mega spider. If it was on a wolf it could turn into a werewolf.

    Other words for ‘nice’ could be kind, helpful, pretty and happy.

    My object would be a candle and in my dream I would make fire but be kind. Like making a huge bonfire, campfire and lighting candles for other people. I could make a second sun.

  • 17th June 2020 at 12:13 pm


    If the egg falls on something not so pleasant, the children will not have wonderful dreams. They will have bad dreams and be scared.


    I have picked up my remote control car Audi R8, I’m an amazing racing driver and a professional driver racing in the formula 1.


    Reari, Care, Share, Aware, Flare, Scare, Mare, Fared, Beware

    If I start at 6 and count in 2’s to 20, will I say the number 14? Yes How do you know? Because in 2’s there is even numbers.


    1. A party bag contains 5 sweets. A jar contains 5 party bags. Ron has 75 sweets. How many party bags will he need? 15 How many jars will he need? 3.

    2. Use the number cards to make multiplication and divisions sentences. How many can you make? 2, 20, 5, 10 & 4.

    Ten x Two = Twenty, Ten x Four = Forty, Five x Ten = Twenty five, Five divided by Two = Two.Five, Twenty divided by Ten = Two.


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