Year 3 – Monday 15th June 2020

Welcome back everyone.

We hope you had a relaxing weekend.

Fingers crossed the sunshine appears soon!

We will be updating the blog with English, Maths and wider curriculum tasks every day at 9am.

If you haven’t finished all of the work in your learning packs which we sent home then feel free to continue with these.

Don’t forget, we don’t expect you to be doing school work all day, every day!

It’s important to take regular breaks, get outside and stay healthy (especially if the sun is shining).

If you can’t get outside, Joe Wicks is still doing his P.E. lessons on his Youtube channel every morning at 9am.

(Miss Lindop STILL hasn’t missed a single session since Joe began back in March)

Find them here:

Remember you can also email any pictures of your work or questions you might have to us on

We look forward to seeing your responses throughout the week.

Mrs Beckwith, Miss Lindop, Miss Barden and Miss Willmer.


Here are today’s tasks:


This is your reminder to sign up for the summer reading challenge. There will be some different tasks this week to help you with the challenge.

Remember, you don’t always have to read a book. It could be a newspaper, magazine, comic or even the back of a cereal box.

Follow the link to join in:

We want to see as many of you get involved and hopefully this year we can take first place.






Follow the link to the BBC bitesize lesson.

Watch the video and then have a go at activity 1 and 2


Maths Challenge:



Watch this video and then answer the questions below.

  1. How many books are there in both the old and new testament?
  2. How many copies have been sold?
  3. What religion is the bible important to?
  4. Why do you think the adult bible could be complicated to use?
  5. Is the bible written in just one language?



What would you do?


Finished? Have a go at these activities too…


Word search

This week we’re changing the puzzles about. There will be no more riddles and spot the difference. Instead, we will have word searches and anagrams. Have a go at this word search. Answers will be revealed tomorrow.



Anagrams are when the letters of a word are all jumbled up and it’s your job to work out what it is meant to say.

So for example: ‘umpj’ would be ‘jump’.

Today there is a book theme. Can you work out what these anagrams are? The red letters spell out a bonus character from one of the books.

Answers will be revealed tomorrow.

Here’s today’s problem:


Crystal Explorers

Have a go at this game – you can choose any of the sections but the spellings would be a good place to start.


Story Time

This week, we will be carrying on with some of Charlotte’s web but some days we may have something a little bit different for you. Today we are continuing with Charlotte’s web.

8 thoughts on “Year 3 – Monday 15th June 2020

  • 15th June 2020 at 11:24 am

    1. The burger is good.
    2. Chilli makes it spicy.
    3. 100g breadcrumbs and 2 tsp of mild chilli.
    4. 1=6
    5. Once cooked place the bean burger on the buns.
    6. 200g= fresh salsa lime= juice of half low fat yoghurt= 150ml.
    7. My favouroute part would be the yoghurt because I think yoghurts are yummy.

  • 15th June 2020 at 12:03 pm

    He has 64 more world cup cards
    170 + 59 = 229

    go tell your friend not to do it or tell your friends mum

  • 15th June 2020 at 12:41 pm

    1) fat.
    2) Chilli
    3) 100g of breadcrumbs and 2 tsp of chilli powder.
    Place the kidney beans into a large bowl.
    Add the kidney beans in a large bowl.
    Use your fingers to shape the mixture into six burgers.
    With a help of an adult turn on the grill.
    Enjoy your delicious Mexican bean burger.
    5) make an sauce.
    6) juice of half lime, low fat yogurt 150ml, fresh salsa 200ml
    7)use your fingers to shape the mixture into six burgers.

    Maths Challenge:

    i) 65
    ii) 229
    1) 66 in both old and new
    2) 5 billion copies were sold
    3) christian
    4) its complicated because its gods word and its not straightforward we need to pick up some principles and themes.
    5) more then 511 langues

  • 15th June 2020 at 12:42 pm

    1. 124-59 =65 Leanne has 65 more than Tom.
    2. 46+59+124= 229 they have 229 altogether.

  • 15th June 2020 at 12:46 pm

    I would tell an adult I trust

  • 15th June 2020 at 1:22 pm


    Q1) Mexican burgers are packed with goodness.
    Q2) Spicy chillies make Mexican food fiery sometime.
    Q3) The correct answers are: 100 grams of breadcrumbs and 2 tsp of mild chilli powder.
    1 – place the kidney beans into large bowl
    2 – add salt & pepper if you like
    3 – use your fingers to shape mixture into six burgers
    4 – with an adult’s help tun on the grill
    5 – enjoy your delicious Mexican Bean Burger
    Q5) Whilst burgers are cooking you should make a yogurt and coriander sauce.
    lime — juice of half
    200 gram — fresh salsa
    low-fat yogurt — 150 ml
    Q7) My favourite part of instruction would be forming the bean burgers with hands because I like putting things into shape just like with a play dough.

    I would tell a trusted adult about it and tell my friend to not meet up with a stranger tomorrow, as my friend doesn’t know who that might be and what intentions that person might have towards my friend.

    1) Mr —??? – sorry don’t the rest of the answer
    2) Matilda
    3) Charlotte’s Web
    4) Harry Potter
    5) The cat in the hat
    6) James and the giant peach
    7) Fantastic Mr Fox
    8) Horrid Henry
    Bonus character – sorry don’t know the answer to this one

  • 15th June 2020 at 2:08 pm

    1) Goodness.
    2) The ingredient that makes Mexican food so feiry is chilli.
    3) 100g of breadcrumbs and a tsp of mild Chilli powder.
    4) Add salt and pepper if you like| Use your fingers| With an adults help put it on the grill| Enjoy your food!
    5) While the burgers are cooking, Mix the rest of the container leaves.
    6) Lime, Juice| Fat Yoghourt, 150ml| Fresh Salsa, 200g|
    7) I think the last one so I can see what it tastes like.

    Maths Challenge:
    i) 65
    ii) 216

    I’d tell them not to and confront his/her.

  • 15th June 2020 at 2:47 pm

    1. Packed with meat.
    2. The chilli and the spice makes it hot.
    3. a) 100g of breadcrumbs.
    b) 6 400g cans of baked beans.
    4. a) Place the kidney beans in bowl.
    b)Add pepper and salt if you want.
    c) Use your fingers to shape it.
    d) Then you grill it for sometime.
    e) Then enjoy it.
    5. Concentrate .on it or read a book next to it.
    6.a) Lime-juice of half.
    b) 150ml low fat yogourt.
    c) 200g of fresh salsa.

    Maths challenge:
    1. 124
    2. 229

    1. 66 books altogether in the bible.
    2.There are over 100 copies of the bible sold out.
    3.The bible is written in the christian Religion(Christianity).
    4.Its important that they read the bible to understand more about it.
    5. Five hundred and eleven languages.

    Tell them not to go because they might
    be a kidnapper.


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