Year 3 – Monday 20th April 2020

Welcome Back!

We hope you had a lovely Easter holidays full of chocolate, fun and sunshine and are now ready for some more home learning.

We will be updating the blog with English, Maths and wider curriculum tasks every day at 9am.

We’re starting a few new topics as it’s the beginning of a new term so we hope you will enjoy all of the tasks you have been set.

If you didn’t finish all of the work in your learning packs which we sent home then feel free to continue with these.

Don’t forget, we don’t expect you to be doing school work all day, every day!

It’s important to take regular breaks, get outside and stay healthy (especially if the sunshine continues).

If you can’t get outside, Joe Wicks is still doing his Youtube P.E. lessons on his Youtube channel every morning at 9am.

Find them here:

We look forward to seeing your responses throughout the week.

Mrs Beckwith, Miss Lindop, Miss Barden and Miss Willmer.


Here are today’s tasks:



Read this passage and answer the questions in full sentences underneath.

Tom’s exciting morning

Tom woke up early. He knew the taxi was just around the corner. He felt like it was Christmas morning but is was the middle of August. He grabbed his case and knocked on his parents’ door eagerly. They shouted back, “It’s nearly time Thomas, go and wake Olivia up!” Tom ran into his sister’s room and jumped on the bed. They both grinned and chatted about the week ahead.

A little while later, the taxi was outside so Tom grabbed his sunglasses and cap. He chuckled to himself because it was very dark and cold outside! Tom and Olivia sprinted to the back seat of the taxi whilst Mum and Dad threw the suitcases into the boot. Then, Mum made sure Olivia was secure in her special booster seat. Mum also went back inside to get Buster the dog!

Olivia’s face dropped and she poked her brother who also looked worried. “Where are you taking Buster?!” they both said cautiously. Mum smiled, “Just to grandmas. We’re going to be gone for a while!” Their faces relaxed and they giggled at how silly they had been!

As they approached their destination, Olivia tapped her brother on the arm and pointed outside. “They look like giant birds!” she said. Tom thought this was really funny and he laughed with his sister. Mum and Dad looked at their watches. Their faces dropped. They quickly got Olivia out of her seat and put her in her pram. Dad grabbed Tom’s hand and they paid the man quickly.“Come on guys!” Dad said sounding slightly worried.


  1. How do we know Tom felt excited in Paragraph One? Try and find all the clues.
  2. Why do you think Tom chuckled to himself when he went outside in Paragraph Two?
  3. Where do you think Tom is going? Explain why you think this.
  4. Pretend you are Tom. Write down how you are feeling and what you are thinking as you travel in the taxi.
  5. Why has Tom packed sunglasses?
  6. Why do you think Olivia and Tom were worried when Mum went back into the house to get Buster?
  7. What do you think Olivia was pointing to when she said “they look like giant birds!”?
  8. What do you think happened when Mum and Dad looked at their watches in paragraph four?
  9. Pretend you are Dad at the end of the passage. Write a few sentences explaining your thoughts and feelings.



This is a reminder that you can practice your times tables at:

Your username and password are in your packs.

You also have lots of worksheets to complete in your home learning packs.

If you can’t find your login, send the Year 3 team an email ( and we can send it to you!


In maths, this term we are going to begin to look at money.

To recap the coins and notes that you should remember from Year 2, watch these two videos and then answer the questions below in the comments.
































Maths Challenge:


This term in RE we will be exploring the question ‘What type of world did Jesus want?’

We will be looking at the gospels in the bible and the stories that symbolise the world Jesus wanted.

This week we will begin by looking at the gospels and the first story within them.

Click the links to watch the videos below and then discuss some the questions with someone in your house.

Discussion points:

  1. What are the first 4 books about in the new testament?
  2. Who are the 4 first books written by?
  3. What are these 4 books called together?
  4. What is the message in the parable The Good Samaritan?
  5. After listening to the parable The Good Samaritan, what kind of things do you think Jesus wanted people to do for one another?



Instead of Art, this term we will be doing some computing. It is extremely important to remember to be safe when we are online. Read the question below and then discuss with an adult and explain to them why you are giving the answer you have.

Here’s today’s question:

Tim finds all the games on his device too easy, so he is going to play an 18 game as it will be harder. Is that a good idea?

  1. Yes – it will be harder and better for a gamer like Tim.
  2. No – 18 games aren’t harder, they are made for grown ups.

Why did you give that answer?


Finished all of that? Want something else to do?

Want to take a tour of the Natural History Museum?

Follow the link below and click your way through a virtual tour of the natural history museum. From taking a deep dive into the life of a blue whale to examining Dippy the Diplodocus’ skull, you’ll have a lovely time from the comfort of your own home.


Bella the Dog has set you a challenge!

Bella has emailed over the Easter holidays. She is missing coming into school, having an explore along the corridors and reading with some of you on Friday afternoons. She has said that it would be great if you could all do some reading for her whilst you are at home. Click on the link to view her challenge for this week and have a go at some of the tasks she has set!



Story time:

Want to do some reading but have read all of your books at home?

No problem! Listening to a story is just as good as reading one.

8 thoughts on “Year 3 – Monday 20th April 2020

  • 20th April 2020 at 11:07 am

    An.1 I know he was excited because he woke up early, he knocked on his parents door eagerly also he went to his sisters room and jumped on her bed.
    An.2 He chuckled to him self because it was dark and cold.
    An.3 He is going to his grandmas house to spend sometime. they are going because its a weekend.
    An.4 I was feel very strange because its not by car and mum and dad not driving the driver was stranger. and i had no clue where he will be taking us although my mum knew. i was looking around the different routes to the station.
    An.5 Because he wasn’t sure about the weather.
    An.6 They were worried because mum might miss the taxi or left out
    An.7 I am not sure.
    An.8 May be they were too late to join the party.
    An.9 I would be panicking about getting too late i dont want to miss anything.

    A) Sam has £40
    B) Emma has 60p
    C)Holly has £6
    D) Ravi has £1
    E) Lulu has £25
    F)Amira has £5.78p
    G)Ruby has£63.50p
    H)Elliott has £55.52p

    Maths Challenge:
    biggest is 50p and smallest is 1p

  • 20th April 2020 at 12:43 pm

    MATHS: a)Sam has 40£
    b)Emma has 60p
    c)Holly has 26£
    d)Ravi has 1£
    e)Lulu has 25£
    f)Amira has 5. 78p
    g)Ruby has 63.50p
    h)Elliott has 55.52p

    The greatest amount of money Amir could have is 3.80p
    The least amount is 38p

  • 20th April 2020 at 1:19 pm

    a)Sam has 40£
    b)Emma has 60p
    c)Holly has 26£
    d)Ravi has 1£
    e)Lulu has 25£
    f)Amira has 5.78p
    g)Ruby has 63.50p
    h)Elliott has 55.52p

    The greatest amount of money Amir could have is 3.80p
    the least amount is 38p

  • 20th April 2020 at 3:48 pm

    1. It was August but he felt like it was Christmas morning. He knocked his parents door eagerly. Tom ran to his sisters room and jumped on her bed.
    2. He was wearing his sunglasses and cap when it was dark and cold outside.
    3. I think they are going to Spain. Because they are putting suitcases in a taxi, not their own car. Mum and dad worried when they were at destination, this could mean they were late for the airplane.
    4.excited, amazed, impatient. ‘are we there yet?’
    5. Going somewhere hot and sunny.
    6. They didn’t know where Buster was going.
    7. Planes
    8. They were running late for the plane. (because they could of checked in on their phones.)
    9. We need to hurry, if we miss the plane the children will be upset.

    A. £40
    B. 60p
    C. £26
    D. £1
    E. £25
    F. £5.78
    G. £61.50
    H. £55.52
    1. £3.70. 2. 38p

    1. The life of Jesus
    2. Thought to be written by four of his followers. Matthew, Luke, John and Mark.
    3. The gospels.
    4. Do not judge. Not everyone helps you, those who you think will, won’t.
    5. Help each other.

    No it is not okay to play games that you under the age for. It will include adult content that we may not understand yet. Be scary or bad things in them.

  • 20th April 2020 at 3:52 pm

    Sam has 40
    Emma has 60p
    Holly has 26£
    Ravi has 1£
    Lulu has 25£
    Amira has 5.78p
    Ruby has 63.50p
    Elliott has 55.52p

    The great amount is 3.80p
    the least is
    1p+5p+2 p+20 p+10 p=38 p

    Ravi has 1£

  • 20th April 2020 at 5:04 pm

    a) Sam has £40.
    b) Emma has £60.
    c) Holly has £26.
    d) Ravi has £1.
    e) Lulu has £25.
    f) Amira has £5 and 78p.
    g) Ruby has £63 and 50p.
    h) Elliot has £55 and 52p.

    1) The clues that show Tom’s excitement were: he woke up early,he new the taxi was just around the corner, he felt like it was Christmas morning, knocked on his parents’ door eagerly, he jumped on his sister’s bed and after that they both grinned and chatted about the week ahead.

    2) He chuckled to himself because it was very dark and cold outside.
    3) I think Tom is going to an airport because him and his whole family will be flying away for a summer holiday. The reason why I think so, is because Tom grabbed his suitcase and his cap and sunglasses although it was still dark outside when the taxi arrived.
    4) I am feeling very excited and I am think about the journey ahead and how long the trip will take?
    5) I think Tom packed sunglasses because they will be flying somewhere hot and sunny .
    6) I am not sure , but maybe Tom and Olivia got worried when Mum came back home to get Buster, because they thought she will leave Buster outside the house for the time they will be away?
    7) I think Olivia was pointing to air planes.
    8) I think, at that point Mum and Dad got really worried because they were running later for their plane.
    9)“Come on guys! Hurry up, we must run! otherwise we will miss our plain that will take us to our holiday in Greece!”

  • 22nd April 2020 at 1:44 pm

    1.i know Tom was excited as he woke up early and he felt like it was Christmas morning.He also knocked on his parents door eagerly and woke his sister up by jumping on her bed.
    2.Tom chuckled to himself because it was cold and dark outside.
    3.I think they are going Somewhere hot as Tom had a hat and sunglasses.
    4.I would be feeling very excited but also nervous and anxious as I don’t know where we are going,but it would be a nice drive looking out the windows.
    5.He packed sunglasses to block the sun.
    6.I think they were worried because they thought they was going to take buster somewhere dangerous.
    7.She might be pointing at planes.
    8.I think mum and dad was worried they might miss there plane.
    9.I would feel pressured to reach the plane in time,also making sure the kids are safely on the plane with them.

    A.£40 B.60p C.£26 D.£1 E.£25 F.£5.78p G.£63.50p H.£55.52p
    Maths challenge
    The most is £10
    The least is 5p


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