Year 4 Science – Invertebrate hunt.


The above pack includes an invertebrate hunt for you to have a go at. You only need to look at the PowerPoint and to use the activity sheets to look for invertebrates at home (don’t worry about the other files in this pack) There is also a lesson on BBC Bitesize today about invertebrates and vertebrates that you could have a look at too.


Can you find invertebrates in your garden or in the park or in your house? Can you use the classification key to identify the invertebrates you find? Can you draw and label one of the invertebrates you find? Have a go and have fun. Just remember to treat the invertebrates with care – don’t touch them too much, maybe photograph them rather than move them from their habitat. Make sure if you remove the creature from its habitat replace it to the same spot when you have finished drawing it.


We hope you enjoy this activity – any problems and photos of your work to the usual address please:

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