Tuesday 12th May 2020 – Home Learning Tasks

Good morning Year 2! Hope you are all well. Have a little look at this picture and read the words and take a minute today to have a think about how wonderful you are, and what makes you the special, unique person that we all miss seeing around school making us smile! Remember there is nobody else in the world the same as you!

Here are your learning tasks for today. Please remember to email your work to yeartwo@lingsprimary.org.uk  or comment on the blog posts so that we can see what you have been doing. Have a terrific Tuesday!

Miss Battams and Miss Duncan

English Reading.

We will be carrying on with our text for this week. Below is a link to the overview of part of our story for this week. You need to click this and the text will open for you. It will tell you what story our picture was linked to yesterday. Read the text below and have a go at answering the questions. In Year 2 we would expect these to be answered in full sentences, not just as single word answers.

alice text overview

  1. What is Alice doing down by the riverbank?
  2. Where does Alice find herself when she follows the White Rabbit?
  3. Why does Alice cry the tears that become a sea?
  4. Which word in the text is another word for smile?
  5. Who’s house does the Cheshire Cat help Alice to find?

English Writing.

Using the picture from the text that shows Alice at the tea party, can you have a go at writnig a setting description for the March Hare’s house and the tea party? You might want to write about what the house looks like, what the garden looks like and what the tea party looks like. You might want to think about what sounds and smells there are. Use your imagination to make the descritpion exciting for the reader. It should use lots of adjectives in your sentences.

Remember in a setting description we do not need to write about who the characters are or what they are doing and it is not a story.


This week we are continuing with a recap of addition looking at some of the different strategies we have used in class to teach this operation. You should solve the calculations by recording your working out. Remember some questions you get extra points for showing how you solved the problem so this is a skill we should practice even if we already know the answer.
For these questions you need to draw the resources you need. Use the photographs below to see how you should record your working out today. You do not need to draw the arrows they are just there to help you remember which digit goes where.

  1. Partion your first number into tens and ones and draw these in the two column, and then repeat this for your second number.

2. We cannot have more than ten in the ones column, so we use a different colour to cross out ten ones and then draw a ten stick in the tens column.

You should try to keep your working out neat as this will help you to count accurately to find the answer. The questions are the same as the ones we have all worked on in class.

Have a go at these calculations, recording them as shown above in the photographs:
17+ 5 =
26+ 66 =
58+ 13 =
34+ 47 =
74+ 29 =
Now have a go at these calculations. They should be recorded in the same way as above. This time the calculations are written in a different way we sometimes see them in quizzes and in class. You may need to re-write the calculation forst to help you!
? = 39 + 12
? = 14 + 67 
? = 52 + 29 
? = 47 + 38  
? = 45 + 46 


It is important that we practice spelling phonetic sounds in all of the different ways they can be written. It helps us to read and write words that they are in several times so you should follow all the steps to help you practice.
We are going to focus on the sound ‘er’ pronounced ‘er’ as in her.
There are 8 different spellings of this sound. These have all been taught to your child in school already. This sound can be spelt as:
ur as in hurt
er as in her
ure as in treasure
ir as in girl
or as in work
ar as in beggar
our as in labour
ear as in early

Can you read these words with the sound ‘er’?

turn, corner, treasure, firm, working, favour, earnt, lunar

Can you write the words below thinking about which spelling of the sound they have? Ask an adult to read the word for you to so you can try to spell it. Remember there is one word for each spelling of the sound so you can’t use the same spelling more than once.

burn, porter, pleasure, first, flavour, learn, monitor, sugar

Can you sort these words into the correct boxes? Look carefully at the spellings of the sound in each word. You might want to draw the table to help you.

Common Exception Word Spellings.
This week we will be taking another focussed look at these spellings as it is very important we can all read and spell these. Today the words have been spelt incorrectly. These are sometimes how we see them spelt in your books! Can you correct the spellings. You have the list of works in the front of your reading record book that you can use to help you.

eevun                                          farst        

plarnt                                          shor

howul                                         agen

por                                             childrun

gowld                                         grayt

larst                                            parf             



For PE we would like you to take part in the County’s schools virtual games. Watch the short video below and then have a go yourself. Comment with your scores on the blog or email us a video of your attempts and we will pass the scores to Mrs Davies. The video is sideways unfortunately!

Lings finished second in the county last week, can we make it to the the top this week!!

Story Time.

Can you read a story that has an animal as the main character?


12 thoughts on “Tuesday 12th May 2020 – Home Learning Tasks

  • 12th May 2020 at 12:12 pm

    Hello everyone
    I have been working hard on my spellings

    • 12th May 2020 at 7:38 pm

      Great job Matthew, well done. Miss Battams

  • 12th May 2020 at 12:21 pm

    Maths:17+5=22………26+66=92….58+13=71…………34+47=81………74+29=103……….51=39+12….81=14+67….81=52+29…….85=47+38….91=45+48…………….hURring,bURnt,workER , shoppER,fastER,gIRl,fIRst,professOR,solAR,lunAR,flavOUR,lEARning,EARliest,measURE,leisURE

    • 12th May 2020 at 7:39 pm

      Great job Izabela, Well done! Miss Battams 🙂

  • 12th May 2020 at 12:48 pm

    1. She is drowsily reading over her sisters shoulder
    2.she saw a hallway with lots of doors
    3.because she is unable to enter the garden and she is giant sized and her tears are
    5.March Hares house

    It smells like sweetness and there’s lots of pretty patterned teapots and teacups. It is very noisy and sounds like whistling and clinking of the spoons. It is very busy because there are lots and lots of teapots.

    • 12th May 2020 at 7:39 pm

      Great job Kaya! Miss Battams 🙂

  • 12th May 2020 at 1:31 pm

    1. She is drowsily reading over her sisters shoulder.
    2. In the great hallway.
    3. She drank the tea that made her small, she ate the cake that made her big. she cried and her big tears made a pool because big tears make a big pool for things that are little. And then she shrinks down again and thinks she is stranded in the sea because she is in her tears.
    4. Grin is another word for smile.
    5. The Cheshire Cat lead Alice to the March Hare’s house where there was tea.

    The house is green and the wood is holding it up. The chairs are soft cushions but with hard things inside like buttons and the table has a white cloth with lots of tea on the top. The wooden chairs are not like the ones Alice is sitting on. You can hear the breeze swishing through the leaves with people talking in the house. There are birds singing on top of the Hare’s house. It is sunny a little bit cold from the breeze.

    • 12th May 2020 at 7:40 pm

      This is great work Elliot, well done. Miss Battams 🙂

  • 12th May 2020 at 1:41 pm

    Common exception words
    Here are the words Elliot was able to correct;
    Again (we had to use a posh voice to say this one first)

    He really enjoyed this activity for doing common exception words.

    • 12th May 2020 at 7:41 pm

      I’m glad you enjoyed practising these words in this way. Hopefully it made you smile at some of the funny spellings we see. Miss Battams 🙂

  • 12th May 2020 at 5:53 pm


    1. What is Alice doing down by the riverbank? Alice is looking over her sisters shoulder.
    2. Where does Alice find herself when she follows the White Rabbit? Alice finds herself at a great hallway lined with doors.
    3. Why does Alice cry the tears that become a sea? Alice begins to cry when she realises she cannot fit through the door. She finds a bottle marked “DRINK ME” and downs the contents. She shrinks down to the right size to enter the door but cannot enter since she has left the key on the table top above her head. Alice discovers a cake marked “EAT ME” which causes her to grow to a large height. Still unable to enter the garden, Alice begins to cry again, and her giant tears form a pool at her feet. As she cries, Alice shrinks and falls into the pool of tears. The pool of tears becomes a sea, and she meets a Mouse.
    4. Which word in the text is another word for smile? Cheshire.
    5. Who’s house does the Cheshire Cat help Alice to find? March Hare’s house.

    ENGLISH – Writing

    Alice see’s a lot of comfortable and wooden seats, she also see’s different animals in clothes. Alice can also see lots of cups and saucers placed neatly.
    Alice can smell beautiful flowers, as the tea party is set in the garden.


    17+ 5 = 22
    26+ 66 = 92
    58+ 13 = 71
    34+ 47 = 81
    74+ 29 = 103

    51 = 39 + 12
    81 = 14 + 67
    81 = 52 + 29
    85 = 47 + 38
    91 = 45 + 46


    hURting, bURnt, leisURe, flavoUR, measURe, workER, shoppER, fastER, gIRl, fIRst, wORker, professOR, eARliest, solAR, lunAR, saviOUR, flavOUR, EARliest, lEARning, measURE, leisURE,

    • 12th May 2020 at 7:42 pm

      Great work Zion. Well done. Miss Battams 🙂


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