Friday 8th May – Year 1

Happy Friday Year 1,

Well done for another fantastic week of learning at home! Before you get started, here is another Online Safety question for you to discuss with an adult:

Don’t forget to type your answers below! Here are your last set of activities for the week:

  1. Sounds-Write Phonics
  2. Reading/Writing (PSED Link)
    Life is a little bit different at the moment because we have to stay home to keep ourselves and others safe from those nasty germs. You probably haven’t seen some of your family and won’t have seen your friends for quite a while now. There will have also been things that you have not been able to do. We would like you to cut some pieces of paper up into small chunks/strips and on each piece of small paper, write something that you can’t wait to do, or someone that you are looking forward to seeing. When you have finished roll each of the pieces of paper up into tiny balls and put them somewhere safe.
    When we can go back to normal, you can pick a paper ball, unwrap it and work your way through all of the things that you couldn’t wait to do!
  3. Maths
    Create a ‘mini’ obstacle course for a small toy or teddy! Here are a few ideas to get you started:  

Take your toy/teddy around the course – speaking your instructions to them using positional and directional language!


  1. RE
    There are many Jewish festivals. Jewish people have a lot of very old but very important stories from the Torah which they re-tell at some of their festivals.
    Lots of the festivals are celebrated at home with family members.Watch this video about the Jewish story of Chanukah:

What is Chanukah? Write any facts from the story that you can remember about the festival of Chanukah. Here is a word mat to help you with your writing:

Have a great weekend,

Miss Simons, Mrs Brookes and Mrs Roberts : )

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