Tuesday 5th May – Year 1

Good Morning Year 1,

How did you get on with your home learning yesterday? Thank you to those that have sent us your work and comments to let us know what a fantastic day of learning you had.

Here are today’s set of activities:

  1. Sounds-Write Phonics

  2. Reading/Writing
    Using your story map from yesterday, your challenge is to retell the whole story of The Elves and The Shoemaker in just 1 minute!
    Get your adult to time you and see whether you can retell the story within this time.
    If you don’t do it the first time, keep trying and record your times so that you can try and beat them!
  3. Maths
    Go and pick your favourite toy or teddy.
    Ask your adult to give you some instructions using positional language, e.g. “Put the teddy to the left of the chair” … “Put the teddy in the box”.

    Practise following the instructions and moving your teddy correctly.

  4. Science
    Have a go at reading the names of some of these common plants:

What is the difference between a wild plant, a garden plant and a common plant?

Get a piece of paper or card and cut a circle out of the middle to make yourself a quadrat. Take your quadrat outside and investigate what you can see inside of the circle – then record your findings, e.g.

Daisy ///
buttercup /////
Daffodil //

Record this in a table using a tally – we practised tally charts when we were learning about materials in Science earlier this year.
Are the flowers growing where there is sunlight/shade? Are they all the same size? Will they catch rainwater where they are growing?


Looking forward to hearing from you,

Miss Simons, Mrs Brookes and Mrs Roberts : )

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