Friday Hall of Fame! – Year 1

Here are some snaps from the children that have sent us pictures of their hard work from this weeks Year 1 Blog:

FYI: Some pictures have been sent to us this week with work completed from previous weeks.

Ava’s superhero shoe:

Bogdan’s Phonics and letter to Miss Simons:

David’s fabulous Phonics work:

Gabby’s Phonics, imaginative speech bubble and Maths:

Japgun’s 3D shape investigation:

Mazey’s sandals:

Mia’s Phonics and extra BBC Bitesize work:

Monica’s shoe:

Natasha’s 3D shape hunt:

Sebastian’s ‘Speedy Roblox’ shoes:

Stefania’s Phonics and seasons wheel:


Well done to all of you! Keep up the super work.
Hope to see you all again on our ‘Friday Hall of Fame’ next week – hopefully with some new members! : )

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