Reception Home Learning – Thursday 23 April


Thank you again to everyone who has been in contact- it is so lovely to know you are all well.  There are a few families that we have not been able to get in touch with so please do if you have not done so already.

Let’s start with a story…


Listen to the story Shh! We have a plan.

Why don’t you think that they could catch the bird?  How did the little person get the birds come to him?  Do you think they will catch the squirrel?  Tell your grown up why or why not.


Write the sounds p, g, j, y, making sure the letters have tails and start inbetween the top and bottom line and have tails below the  bottom line.
Read – Red Ned
You could also do the games at the top of the page.
Write (dictate the sentence to them – do not copy it) – Red Ned sat on a big box.

Write the sounds sh, ch, ng, ck, qu, ai, ee
Nip and Chip
Write (dictate the sentence to them – do not copy it) – Nip and Chip went to the fish and chip shop.

Write the sounds sh, ch, ng, ck, qu, th, wh, ai, ay ee, e, ee, y, igh, ie, oa, ow, oo, ar, or, aw
The Noisy Day
Write (dictate the sentence to them – do not copy it). I want to play on my big drum.  It is loud and noisy.  My mum will play her trumpet and my dad will sing.


Warm up – what are these shapes?  Can you find any of these shapes at home?

Image result for 3d shapes

Main – Subtraction

Have a look on BBC bitesize on adding and suntracting, then continue from yesterday’s maths.  Depending how your child did either stay with numbers under 10 or extend them by using larger numbers.  Either way encourage them to count down from the starting number.  Also encourage them to say and write their calculations e.g. 8 subtract 5 is 3.

Understanding the World

Springtime is here and is the season when the farmers plant their crops, the flowers and trees start to grow and many birds and animals have their babies.  I have a bird box in my garden and it has a camera in it….here is a picture of what is in there…

The birds took about a week to make the nest and the mummy bird has laid one egg a day for 5 days.  To begin with she didn’t sit on them…I had to look that up – can you think why she didn’t start sitting on them until she had laid them all?  You could ask an adult to help you if you don’t know – either by looking it up in an information book or on the internet.  She’s sitting on them now and I think they will hatch in the next few days.  So I am wondering if you can guess what bird has made this nest (clue the eggs would be blue if you could see their colour – my camera is black and white).

Have a lovely day xxx

2 thoughts on “Reception Home Learning – Thursday 23 April

  • 23rd April 2020 at 10:45 am

    Zanti thinks it is amazing that you get to see the birds nest with her eggs! We think that these might be Starling eggs

    • 23rd April 2020 at 11:36 am

      Mrs Tucker hasn’t told me what the birds are but I think you have have made a very good suggestion Zanti! It is “eggsiting” waiting to see what will happen! 🙂 Mrs O’Hagan


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