Reception home learning Wednesday 1st April

Children it is Wednesday! By lunchtime we will be half way through the week! It has been so lovely to see the work you have all been doing on Tapestry, it seems like lots of you are enjoying yourselves while working hard – fantastic!


Can you answer these addition questions?

a. 3 add 3 is
b. 7 add 4 is
c. 12 add 3 is
d. 4 add 4 is
e. 9 add 6 is
f. 8 add 4 is
g. 7 add 7 is

You can use things you have in the house to help you like little bits of lego, cereal again (if you eat it again like yesterday there might not be any left!)

What do you notice about questions a and d?


Watch the video of the Bog Baby story here…
Do you remember what a habitat is? It is where animals and insects live and it has to have all the things that they need to keep them happy and healthy. Can you write a list of the things that the Bog Baby needs in his habitat?

Speech and Language

Can you tell your grown up a message that you would like to give to one of your friends at school? If they send it into us we can share it with their friend on Tapestry! Try and speak in full sentences.



Review sounds sent home on the sheet and ff, ll, ss, zz and ch – remind children these are 2 letters 1 sound.

Practice writing f d h

Sound swap: chip – chop – bop

Read: dug, miss, buzz, jet

Write: run, dad, mum

Dictate: Mum had a run.

Read: The first two parts of this book, Sun hat fun and Pop!


Review – sh, ch, ng, th, wh, ai, ay and the ee sound and it’s different spellings: ea, e, and y

Practice writing g y j

Sound swap: – be- we- she- he- me

Today focussing on y

Read and underline y: happy, dolly, messy, tummy, teddy

Write: nelly, funny, sorry, smelly

Read polysyllabic words – words with two syllables. Draw a line in the word at the end of the first syllable like this mag|net, ask the children to read the first part – mag then read the second part – net then read together – magnet.

dogleg, handbag, sandpit

Dictate: See my messy trains.

Reading: Nip and Chip


Review: sh, ch, ng, ck, qu, th, wh, ai, ay ee, e, ee, y, igh, ie, oa, ow, oo, ar, or, aw

Read: cork, high, goat, pie, paw
Write: draw, fort, hawk, coat

Read polysyllabic words – words with two syllables: growbag, distant, complex

Dictate: I was born with a claw. It was sharp.

Reading: Spots!


Join in with Jack Hartman, getting fit AND counting to 100!

Don’t forget PE with Joe and Cosmic Yoga too!


2 thoughts on “Reception home learning Wednesday 1st April

  • 1st April 2020 at 12:15 pm


    a. 3 add 3 is 6
    b. 7 add 4 is 11
    c. 12 add 3 is 15
    d. 4 add 4 is 8
    e. 9 add 6 is 15
    f. 8 add 4 is 12
    g. 7 add 7 is 14

    The Bog Baby habitat is in the pond hidden in the woods sleeping under damp leaves.
    P.S. Alex loved listening to that story read by Mrs. O’Hagan.

    Speech and language:
    Alex recorded a message to his friend Leo. I will share it with you via Tapestry 🙂

    Today, we have reviewed all the sounds :sh, ch, ng, th, wh, ai, ay and the ee sound and it’s different spellings: ea, e, and y

    Writing letters: Today Alex chosen to practise writing letter ” j ”
    Then he wrote all the following words: nelly, funny, sorry, smelly
    After that Alex practised reading pollysylabic words: dogleg, handbag, sandpit
    We didn’t do the dictation or reading of the book ” Nip and Chip” . We will give it a try later on this afternoon 🙂

  • 1st April 2020 at 2:23 pm

    I’m glad you enjoyed the story Alex 🙂 and I look forward to seeing your message for Leo, I will share it with him on Tapestry. Well done for all your hard work, you deserve a break! Mrs O’Hagan


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