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Teaching Phonics at home
At Lings we use the scheme Sounds-Write to teach phonics – this is a very structured programme and the children should be very able to continue their phonics learning at home under your direction. Please see the link below to complete some training as to how to teach your child using the Sounds Write system. and scroll down to ‘Help your child to read and write’

Sounds Write have provided their resources free of charge to access from home. We will be providing daily phonics work to complete – please e-mail us on to find out which sounds your child is currently learning.

In summary the way that we teach is:

Review the sounds
Adult points to the sounds and children to say them precisely. Where there is more than one letter in a sound (diagraph) we say “two leters-one sound”. You all have a sheet of sounds in the home learning pack and we will provide more as required.
Practise writing sounds
You have the instructions as to how to write the sounds in our handwriting jingles. You can also do this on the letter formation boards.
We start with a word and swap one sound to change the word into another e.g. jig to jog to jot. This is best done on a whiteboard so the children can rub out the sounds (you can use the back of the letter formation boards we will be sending home)
Reading words
We “say the sounds to read the word” – by pointing to each sound individually and then blending them together to read the word. We repeat this 3 times.
Writing words
We say the word and then “segment” it into individual sounds before writing each sound in the word. If your child is having trouble hearing a sound, emphasise that as you say it.
We dictate a sentence – children repeat it several times. We remind the children that they need a capital letter, finger space between words and full stop at the end of their sentence.

Useful phonics games
You can supplement their learning with activities from the Phonics play website. We will direct you to which phases they are working on.
Username – March20
Password – Home

Good luck and remember you can e-mail us for support, help and advice.

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