Day 4 of Science week

I had an amazing time this afternoon, visiting the different classes in school and seeing all the incredible science going on everywhere!

In Year 2, we spent the afternoon completing mini independent science investigations such as seeing how many drops of water we could balance on a coin before it dripped off, and working out which worked better plastic coins or metal coins. We also looked at recycling and learnt about which things could go in the compost or the different waste bins.

In Year 1, the children spent some time drawing pictures onto paper towels and watching how they expanded when water was dripped onto the pictures and absorbed into the paper. They made some beautiful designs!

Over in Year 4, the children were having an amazing time making and tasting their own ice cream. There were lots of smiles on faces as they explored how the ice cubes and salt reacted to make the milk shake freeze.

I also spent some time in Year 5 looking at their version of our whole school experiment using water beads. They had been testing to see which liquid they would grow in best and had tested milk, cola, orange juice, sparkling water, water and blackcurrant. It was great to hear some of their explanations about why they thought certain reactions had happened and there were some real budding scientists in the class.

It was a pleasure to see the excitement and wonder in the classes and I can’t wait to see what the children will be learning on the last day of science week!

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