Year 5- Wednesday 29th September



This week we are working on our inference skills.

mill girl week 3

Read the third text and tell me what you can infer about Eliza,  her job, her family, the mill from the text.


Yesterday we learnt about paragraphs.

Today I want you to have a go writing about Eliza and her family visiting the countryside for a day,  using paragraphs.

  • We decided each of these points could be the basis for a paragraph.
  • Waking up
  • Eating breakfast
  • Riding on the horse and cart to the countryside
  • Lying in the long grass
  • Helping grandfather to collect flowers

Could you use a time adverbial to start each paragraph?  Can you add some of Eliza’s thoughts and feelings in each paragraph?  Can you add some expanded noun phrases/ adjectives/ similes/ onomatopoeia to describe the setting for each paragraph?

Remember all of the paragraphs do not need to be the same length!!!


Now try this

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