Inspirational Women in Science – Mary Anning

For part 2 of our inspirational women in science series, we will be learning about a lady who overcame many odds to become one of the most famous fossil hunters, Mary Anning.


Mary Anning was born on 21 May 1799. She lived in the English seaside town of Lyme Regis in Dorset. Her family were very poor, which meant she didn’t get to attend school much. Instead, she mainly taught herself to read and write. Mary would spend her time searching the coast looking for what she called ‘curiosities’. Later in her life, as she developed a better understanding of her finds, she realised they were actually fossils. Many people in the science world refused to take her discoveries seriously because she was a woman.  Over the course of her life she made many incredible discoveries. This made her famous among some of the most important scientists of the day. They would visit her for advice and to discuss scientific ideas about fossils. Today, Mary is remembered as one of the greatest fossil hunters to have ever lived.

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