Pre-school Home Learning Thursday 4th February

Good morning everyone,

Can anyone remember what today is? Have you been singing the days of the week song?

Here is the link for the daily registration which is at 11am. We look forward to seeing you all at 11am.

Home Learning

Yesterday your task was to make a rain maker. Mrs Webb said in the video that she would sing the shake and stop song that we sing at Preschool. Here is a video of the song for you to join in singing with, with your rain maker.


Today Mrs Webb has puppets ready for us to sing Old Macdonald had a farm. See if you can name the animals that Mrs Webb has in her box.


Mrs Crane is here with another activity doing patterns.


For this activity you will need a knife and fork and a banana. This is a really important self help skill to do and the best part is once you have cut the banana up you get to eat it! Enjoy!

Speech and Language

We would like you to watch the video and afterwards we would like you to look at the picture and talk about what shapes you can see. Can you use a full sentence?

Story Time

Mrs Allen is reading a story called Five Minutes Peace. It is all about a family of elephants.

Well done for all your hard work today everyone. Remember to keep posting to Tapestry of all the things that you are doing from the blog but also anything exciting that you have been doing at home.

The Preschool Team

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