Pre-School Home Learning Friday 8th January

Happy Friday!

Well done Pre-School. We have almost finished our first week of home learning and you have worked so hard! Thank you parents/carers for logging onto our zoom calls and supporting children with their learning at home. We appreciate how difficult it can be. We will continue with the same format each week, focusing on a different topic. Next week is the traditional tale of The Gingerbread Man. We have LOTS of fun activities planned for you all!

Here is todays learning.

Mrs Allen has a fabulous listening game for you all. Make sure you switch your listening ears on for this one! Can you tell your grown up what you think that sounds are that Mrs Allen is making? 



We hope you are all enjoying your maths challenges? Mrs Crane is back with another one for you. Today it is all about the number 4! 


As it is Friday, we have a fun game for you to play. It is exactly the same as musical statues but instead of dancing, Mrs Whitestone is going to give you a movement to copy. Do the action while the music is playing but when the music stops you need to freeze! Play along with someone at home, who will be able to freeze the quickest?

Speech and Language

We are going to have a look at some rhyming words today. You might want to start with the story below first as it explains and gives examples of rhyming words. 

Inside the bags are objects that all rhyme. Rhyming words sound the same. There is an extra challenge at the end to see if you can find some of your own words that rhyme with dog. 


Here is a lovely rhyming story all about a Goats day at playgroup. Can you listen out for the rhyming words and tell them to your grown up? 


Well done again for all your hard work this week. Have a great weekend!

Best Wishes

The Pre-School Team

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