Pre-School Home Learning Wednesday 6th January

Good morning Pre-School!

We hope you all enjoyed the activities yesterday. There were a few technical issues with Tapestry yesterday but please keep posting on there or emailing us. If you need any support using Tapestry please send us an email and we will be happy to guide you through it.

Firstly, here are a few reminders:

  • If you have any questions, concerns or have limited access to online technology please contact us on 
  • We have an online zoom register at 11am each morning. It is the same link everyday but here it is again if you need it. It is only for around 10 minutes and gives us all a chance to see each other. Mrs Crane will also go through the days learning.

Here is todays learning.


Mrs Crane is here to introduce you to a fun listening game. Watch the video and then click on the link below to start the the game.


How did you get on with your number 1 challenge yesterday? Mrs Crane is here with another one for you. Today it involves the number 2!



Today’s physical challenge is a jumping one! Can you think of any animals that jump? Here is a video of Harrison reminding us all how to jump. To be able to jump really high we need to bend our knees and, if we can, land with both of our feet on the floor at the same time. Once you have had a little practice, you could have a go at jumping from the bottom step onto the floor or, you could mark a spot on the floor and see how far away from it you can jump. 


Speech and Language

Did you all enjoy making up and talking in sentences about the pictures yesterday? As it is so cold outside we thought it would nice if you could make up some sentences, this time about this brilliant winter picture.

Have a really good look at the picture, there is so much you could talk about! You could start your sentence by saying “I can see…” or “The girl/boy is wearing…”. Can you tell your grown up what the children are doing? What is the weather like in the picture? Would you like to be doing what they are? Why? 



You are very lucky, we have two fabulous books for you to look at and listen to. First of all Mrs Allen has a non-fiction book full of animals that live in cold, snowy places. A non-fiction book has lots of information and facts in it and has photographs and realistic pictures in it. 

We also have a beautiful wintery story called One Snowy Night for you, read by Mrs Tucker. Get cosy and enjoy!

Have a wonderful day, we are looking forward to seeing how you get on on Tapestry.

Best Wishes

The Pre-School Team



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