Celebration of work this week – Year 5

Well done for some lovely work this week Year 5.

Tanisa was the only person to complete the Art task on Wednesday and created the following wonderful piece of texture art:

Simar completed the following lovely piece of explanation text about how to make chocolate:

Both Tanisa and Logan decided to create a powerpoint for their explanation texts, which were both fabulous. Here they are for you to share:

logans work

Choco Presentation Tanisa

Lydia also produces a lovely piece below:

Chocolate Making – Lydia

Certificates this week

Well done to Evie for blogging each day:


Star of the Week was a hard choice this week – so I have 5! Not only did the following people blog every day (some very thoroughly), some did all the tasks each day, some responded to comments and corrected their work, while others created some lovely writing over the week.  Some of you did all of the above!

Dhanshri – Star of the Week   Logan – Star of the Week   Lydia – Star of the Week   Tanisa – Star of the Week   Sadia – Star of the Week

Well done – keep up the hard work next week.


Mrs Millard XX

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