Friday 12th June – Year 1

Happy Friday Year 1,


Well done children and adults! You’ve made it through another fantastic week of home learning!

Before you get started, here is an online safety question for you to discuss with your adult:

Don’t forget, you can type your answers into the comments for us to see!


Here’s today’s activities:

  1. Sounds-Write Phonics



  1. Reading/Writing

Using your ideas that you collected yesterday, write a description of the wildlife around you.

When you went outside, what did you see? What could you smell? What could you feel? What could you hear?

Don’t forget to write in your neatest handwriting – writing with capital letters, spaces between words and full stops.


  1. Maths

Explore counting forwards and backwards on the 100 square – can you count in 1s, 2s, 5s and 10s.

Find a number that is less than 69.

Record your findings using the stem sentence, “A is less than B”.

Challenge: Can you find a number that is greater than 69 but less than 79?


We hope that you have a fantastic weekend,

Miss Simons, Mrs Brookes and Mrs Roberts : )

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