Wednesday 29th April 2020 – Writing Task

Morning Year 4, Hope you are all well and keeping busy.

Thank you for the plans we have seen  – they sound great for a poem and on a rainy day we need a cheery poem.

So your task today is to write your poem about the lovely weather we have had.

Here are some things to think about when writing your poem, see how many features you can include:

Structure of a poem

  • a title for your poem
  • write in verses/ stanzas
  • make each verse/ stanza is focussed on one subject
  • write in lines and not sentences using commas.

Language features

  • uses rhyme
  • use alliteration to repeat words and sounds
  • use similes
  • use metaphors
  • use descriptive language

We look forward to reading your cheery poems later. If you prefer you can hand write your poem and email a photo to

Stay safe

Mrs Denny, Mrs Baldry and Miss Bishop

7 thoughts on “Wednesday 29th April 2020 – Writing Task

  • 29th April 2020 at 9:40 am

    My Poem On Feeling Happiness

    I woke up this morning, thinking of what the day will bring
    and I looked a cross my room and saw the sun shining through.

    i jumped out of bed to gaze at the sky, be hold i saw a beautiful blue sky.
    i was so exited that i ran down stairs, opened the back door and to my surprise i saw a brightly colored butterfly.

    With the sun shinening on me, i walked around my garden i am feeling realy happy to be there. i saw my flowers looking at me, so i continued to look around with, a smile on my face.

    by Brooke Foster.

  • 29th April 2020 at 11:25 am

    The bee that I see

    The bee that I see, landed on the fence that was dense,
    The bee sat on the matt,
    Next, the bee escaped the cat of fat,
    Which strongly yelled at the bee,
    Soon the bee whooshed as it mushed a mushroom on the way,
    The mine leaves were like the lime leaves as the bee was thinking,
    The bee was slowing down rather than a flowing clown,
    The bee was gliding as it was sliding,
    The bee that I see was amazing, like it explodes making a sound of a lion’s roar,
    The bee was a stinging monster that was a filling sponsor,
    The leaves flied for their self in Autumn as the sleeves flied for self in winter,
    The bee that I see saw grass wave its hands throughout the wind,
    As the bee that I see sat with angry fur on the chair of share,
    The bee that I see went to sleep.

    By Hargun Singh.

    • 29th April 2020 at 11:56 am

      Love that you have tried to rhyme. Well done Hargun.

  • 29th April 2020 at 11:27 am

    My poem The Slow Lazy Sloth

    The Slow Lazy Sloth was crawling through the long grass in the deep dark forest.

    The Sleeping Lazy Sloth was dangling from the trees hanging around.

    The Slow Lazy Sloth heard the birds tweeting in the trees and animals rustling in the leaves on the ground.

    The Slow Lazy Sloth Climbed to the top of the trees to see the sun shining in the sky.

    By Finlay Green

    • 29th April 2020 at 11:53 am

      Amazing use of adjectives!

  • 29th April 2020 at 12:39 pm

    ‘NATURE makes me smile’

    Nature all around me is delightful
    Ducks dig deep down
    Poppy platypuses pick prickly pineapples
    Red kites dancing in the distance
    Foxes yapping at each other
    Fiddly flopping fish all around the sea
    Squirrels saving nuts for the winter season
    Midnight owls hooting LOUDLY in the luscious emerald forest

    Maple tree’s sticks are extraordinary to build the den
    The beavers will be happy to find a pile of them

    Sky is a vibrant silk when the sun is spreading its rays
    It all makes me cheerful on rainy and sunny days.

    by Alex S.

  • 29th April 2020 at 2:07 pm

    The dog and cat

    The cat was stealing food in the kitchen,
    The dog barked in the distance,
    A man woke up,
    The man got a gun,
    The man pulled pulled a trigger,
    The cats mind was nuclear,
    Outstanding plates fell,
    The man fell over,
    The dog and cat barked and meowed victory,

    The dog and cat danced,

    The man yelled in the distance,


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