Thursday 2nd April Home Learning Tasks.

Good morning Year 2! What a lovely day I had in school yesterday. We completed lots of lovely activities and even played basketball with a T-Rex!

Here are you learning tasks for today. Enjoy your activities and please send us pictures and comments to keep us updated! You can send questions or pictures of your work to our year group email address:

Miss Battams and Miss Duncan 🙂

Here are today’s learning activities:

Reading – Please complete one of the  following reading tasks from your home learning pack. You can chose the poem, the story or the non-fiction piece. Can you answer the questions about the text you have just read. 

Writing –  Can you choose a member of your family and write a character description about them? You should include adjectives to describe what the person looks like, share what kind of person they are ( happy, cheerful, grumpy, funny) and why they are like this and tell us some things that this character likes to do. Remember to use punctuation, finger spaces and to use full sentences. Take care with your spellings especially any year 2 words.


Basic Skills: Can you copy and complete the Multiplication grid?

Challenge: What do you notice? Are there any patterns? What are the yellow boxes for?

Sounds-Write Phonics
Review all previously learnt sounds and read the following words – great, behind, half, sure, who                                                         Introduce the new spelling pattern: sion (this is four letters that join together to make the spelling pronounced ‘shun’)
Read the words: vision, division, discussion
Write the words: supervision, television, conversion, permission
Dictation: Get somebody to read the sentence out loud so that you can have a go at writing it.

The boy turned on the television under supervision. He had to have a discussion to ask for permission.

Maths task:

How would you solve these subtraction problems? Remember to draw the resources that you would use. You can do them in any order so start where you think is easiest. Challenge yourself to have a go at them all.

Warm up: Wiggle your fingers up high, down low, to the side and in front of you.
Stretch your fingers out like fireworks seven times.
Can you write the following Year 2 words joined up? You should write each word three times and remember to leave a finger space between each one..
* plant
* wild
* any
* hour
Tick your neatest formation and be proud of your handwriting.

Can you get into your garden and build a natural picture using things you can find? If you can’t get outside you could draw a picture and label the things you could use to make it. Here are some examples to help you out.


To maintain your healthy lifestyle we would like you to do some form of exercise every day.
For P.E today here are some links to fun workouts. Cosmic Yoga: Joe Wicks Workout Zumba workout – start at 28 seconds.


Can you read a story to somebody different? Maybe you could face time your grandparents or a relative and read them a story? Maybe you could record yourself on a video message to send to somebody else? Maybe you could read a story over the phone to somebody else? We know that teddies and pets love to listen to stories so you could always read to them.

3 thoughts on “Thursday 2nd April Home Learning Tasks.

  • 2nd April 2020 at 12:58 pm

    Harrison is helpful, kined, joins in and funy. He is short with brown eyes and brown hair. He likes to be owt side on his toy moter bike. He likes to dig with me. We bilt a den. He likes to wotch telly with me. He plays with my sister.

    Elliot read The Animal Show poem and answered the questions.

  • 2nd May 2020 at 4:05 pm


    1. Find and copy THREE adverbs from the text.
    1) Starving
    2) Announced
    3) Suddenly

    2. Tick the name of the children who are sliding down the banister?
    1) Twaddles
    2) Dot

    3. How does the author show that Twaddles is excited by the snow?
    He was jumping up and down.

    4. What do you think that the children did after Twaddles said it was snowing?
    Went outside to play in the snow.


    1. Find and copy the sentence which tells the reader what happens inside the chrysalis – A caterpillar’s body digests itself from the inside out.

    2. Number the stages of a butterfly’s life circle from 1-4 in the order they occur.
    1) The female butterfly lays her eggs.
    2) The caterpillar lives on the leaf where it is born.
    3) The caterpillar creates a chrysalis.
    4) The butterfly comes out from chrysalis.

    3. Find and copy two verbs that tell the reader what the caterpillar does on the leaf where it was born.
    1) Time
    2) Out

    4. Do butterflies like cold weather? Find a sentence in the text to support your answer.
    Butterflies do not like the cold weather. They like to live in warm places and can be found in many countries around the world.

    The Animal Show

    1. Baboon – Rides a baby balloon.
    Monkey – Travels on wheels.
    Lion – Sits on dining room chairs.
    2. Find and copy the adjective used to describe the baboon.
    3. What else might the family see if they go to the animal
    1) Bears
    2) Camels
    3) Monkeys
    4) Seals
    4. Number the animals below from 1-4 to show the order they appear in the poem.
    1) Bear
    2) Camel
    3) Seal
    4) Baboon

    I am writing about my daddy.

    My daddy is very tall, he has big muscles and good at every single sport. Daddy can get very angry quickly. Daddy can cook and bake, he is also funny and laughs at his own jokes. Daddy works very hard and i love him lots and lots.


    The boy turned on the television under supervision. He had to have a discuion to ask for permison.


    32-10=22, 67-30 = 37, 70-40 = 30, 175-50 = 125 , 119-10= 109, 44-20= 24, 27-20= 7, 100-40= 60.

    • 4th May 2020 at 3:09 pm

      Well done for remembering what an adjective is and that you could identify it in the text.

      Miss Duncan


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