Wednesday 1st April 2020- Writing story task


Thank you for your plans yesterday. Those children who are doing the blog can you try and encourage others in our class if you can get in touch with them to join the blog. Thank you,

So today, using your plans from yesterday: Imagine you are in a computer game.

Features we would like to see in your writing today:


-using fronted adverbials for when and where, remember to use a comma.

-expanded nouns

-inverted commas to show when someone is talking, how did they talk?

-first person – you are writing in the story.

-leaving the ending as a cliff-hanger or with a twist,

Now show off your writing skills and we look forward to reading your stories tomorrow!


10 thoughts on “Wednesday 1st April 2020- Writing story task

  • 1st April 2020 at 11:08 am

    Once, never known when, three boy of the name Damian, Kiran and Franek were off to buy video games at the local game store. They all looked and looked and thought and thought. After a while they shared their game ideas. They all chose same. “FIFA” Damian whispered to Franek. “FIFA” whispered Franek to Kiran. “FIFA” whispered Kiran to Damian. So they bought… FIFA
    At home, they started to play. After a while they couldn’t stop. As if it was forcing them to play. After everyone there could hear a loud “THERE IS A BLACK HOLE!!!” So they all entered. Their mother thought all three lied. So she waited. Then decided to send the forth and older brother. Marek. But… before he got to his younger brother’s room they all disappeared. As soon as he entered it was noon. He went back down and told mother that they’ve disappeared. They finished lunch and Marek had been finishing what he wanted to do. Go to his brother’s room. He noticed a new game. He knew it’s the newest game out so he sat, picked the pad up and immediately he started playing and saw them in the screen and they told him their stuck inside the game.
    He played a few matches and had a rest. He told Asia the mother what happened to them. Meanwhile in the game they met someone and he told them that “Somebody needs to win with your team. If he loses with your team you are inside the game for ever!” the man echoed.
    Marek was back and Franek told him everything he needs to do. He hated his brothers but it was his responsibility to keep them safe so the challenge was up. He chose the teams and we played a against a bad team but Marek was very bad at FIFA. After a few minutes the match ended as a draw but he couldn’t leave his brothers and chose extra time. After that was another draw. Nil-nil was the scoreline.His only option was penalties. After twenty penalties from our team was the twenty-first for the other team…
    SAVE. Marek’s goalkeeper blasted the ball away. And here was the last penalty. Will he score. The three brothers’ prayed for the goal…

    • 1st April 2020 at 11:47 am

      Thank you Franek for including all the features I wanted to see in your story. Excellent. Great to leave your story on a cliff hanger.

  • 1st April 2020 at 11:10 am

    Before 2000, there were two girls and 1boy there names were Alice,Kristers,Mia. But it all started when all three of us were walking by and we saw a portal and then Kristers jumped into the portal and then the two girls jumped into the portal. We landed in a game called kiss your crush and kristers said ” I might get a kiss from Alice, I guess we never know ?” But we got here at the perfect time because it’s in summer and the time is 1pm.

    But the problem is that we have to were make up because this is a girls game and there’s a boy. I feel like I’m a girl mostly kristers and I’m not so sure about this.the setting of the game is like a trap for girls . But this game real sure feels like I’m going to get a kiss from Alice said kristers . But it looks like a new way to get a kiss. As the day past something really magical happend Alice and Mia kissed me [kristers]

    As the years were going on, I chose who I loved I said Alice. But something made my life more magical was that when we got out of the game Alice and I got married

    I wish that happend in real life🥰

    • 1st April 2020 at 11:46 am

      Great to see you have organised your story into paragraphs, inverted commas and some good use of fronted adverbials. Remember capital letters for proper nouns.

  • 1st April 2020 at 11:43 am

    Ones a pon a time there was a boy named Charlie and Charlie is my brother and one day Charlie went near a wishing well and lent over the wishing well and accidentally fell in but obviously it was a long time ago. And Charlie was thinking if he could clime up the wishing well to get out but he couldn’t because the only way he could get out is if someone wishis him out so Charlie was feeling ancsious and scared . Sudduntlly the sea weed started shooting up and the waves started going crazy. And I hoped that if I wished Charlie would come back . THE end.

  • 1st April 2020 at 2:05 pm

    In the year of 2020, two kids were playing tag their names were Owen and Cody.When they were playing an a dimensional portal appeared” what’s going on?” exclaimed Cody “I don’t know!” shouted Owen. Almost immediately, they were sucked into the portal, they were falling at max speed. After a while, they arrived in pokemon lets go eevee and pickachu “were in this game” cried Cody.

    “What are we going to do Cody” exclaimed Owen.” We,ll have to go through the game,” exclaimed Cody. After
    a day, they made it through 2 gym badges” phew” said Owen. After 5 days, they made it to the elite four. They beat the elite four. The next day some thing magic happened…

  • 2nd April 2020 at 4:18 pm

    One day, I went to the arcade place and looked at the Sonic arcade machine. Then suddenly I put the wrong coin into the machine and in a blink of an eye, it swallowed me into the game. I said ‘hello’ and it was amazing to play racing game with Sonic and I realised I was Sonic.

    Before a footstep, another person joined the game and have told me, that I was a Player 1 and the other person was a Player 2., his name was Knucals. I ran to his car and explained to him that I’m a real person. The Player 2 said he was a real person too and that we both were stuck in this game. I said maybe if we finish the game we will go back to real life and 3 2 1 START we raced around cones. We came 1st and 2nd and wow, I can’t believe we did it and that’s how we became best friends.

    Then everything was starting to blur and crumble and we were teleported in front of the arcade machine and it was on fire, but we survived just in time and were best friends forever.

  • 2nd April 2020 at 5:27 pm

    Isabelle’s story

    Hello! My name is Harry and this is my best friend Amelia. We have been best friends since we were little because my mum Wendy and Amelia’s mum were friends moreover my dad Derek went to collage with her dad so we know each other pretty well. We were going to the arcade with Amelia’s little brother, it was his birthday treat. When we got out of the car we were jumping for joy. We walked in, straight away I saw my favourite game of all time, PAC MAN!!!!!!!

    I could smell the popcorn and donuts, it smelt delicious. Right in front of us was Amelia’s favourite game the sweetie grabber. Her eyes lit up with her mouth dropping to the floor “EEEKKK”, squealed Amelia, she just had to have a go. Patiently waiting, I could feel the Pac man joy sticks in my hands and ‘I felt like a winner baby’, I sang excitedly while tapping my toes to the tune.

    It felt like an eternity before I could have a go and finally, we went over and I placed my token in the slot. A huge message flashed across the screen – Promising if you win you will get a surprise! A special surprise And I won! But there was a portal right in front of me so I could not take my ticket, I fell straight through the dark swirling portal. The first thing I saw was Endermen chasing after me and Amelia but not her brother! We tried to get out and the portal vanished, the Endermen enclosed us and it was terrifying. Will we see our family again …?

  • 16th April 2020 at 1:30 pm

    The Enchanted Fairy World
    One day, there was a little girl called Rosie she had a pet Unicorn, they both were playing a game which was explorers. While they were playing, Rosie came across a puddle and inside there was a fish. Rosie called over her Unicorn, when the Unicorn looked she was surprisingly shocked as the fish was talking to her.
    They both stood there in shock while the fish was chatting a way to them, just as that had happened; the enchanted world started to collapse, Rosie and the unicorn both looked at each other in amazement.
    They knew the humans were looking for a stone, which would keep the world alive so the humans could see another day. All the other fairy’s lives were in danger as they were going to dig up the whole of “our world” said Rosie”. Oh no the humans have found our enchanted land, what are we going to do? one of the humans asked and said “are you fairy’s” all real; at that very moment he fainted.
    As that human had fainted, all the fairy’s began to create a plan to recreate the enchanted land; so the fairy’s can live free. But the one problem was no-one could build anything, the fish had found a solution which was, there is a bag of potions that will help our fairy land come back to normal and the human will forget everything he had seen.
    So the Unicorn set off, and two hours later the Unicorn came back and mixed the blue potion and the pink together; an moments later everything was back to normal. Rosie and the Unicorn carried on playing together with the fish, but remember only one human had seen what had happened!

    By Brooke

    • 20th April 2020 at 10:15 am

      Love this story and great use of speech. Useful tip: Remember more than one fairy is fairies


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