Science Week in Reception

The Reception classes have been busy scientists this week.  They have learn new vocabulary – science (learning about the world around us), scientist (someone whose job is in science), experiment (having a go at trying something out to see what happens) and prediction (making a sensible guess as to what will happen in an experiment.

The experiments that you could ask them about are:

What happened when we put flowers in coloured water?

What happened when we dropped a liquid (vinegar) onto a solid (bicarb)

How many drops of water did they get onto a penny?

What happened when we put skittles into water?

How did we get the electricity circuit to work?

You could also ask them what observation skills are.


The children also enjoyed 3 Science Assemblies – one about recycling batteries, one with Atomic Tom and another when they met lots of birds of prey.  Hopefully they will be able to remember something to tell you.


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