Year 4 English Task 12/02/21

Here is your last lesson for this half term – well done everyone for your hard work. Today we would like you to spend some time re-reading your writing from yesterday and making any necessary changes so that it is the best piece of writing it can be! The List of Magic and narrative writing information sheets are included to remind you. Please try and use another colour to edit your work, but not felt tipped pens or crayons. We can’t wait to read your final drafts.

Act 5 lesson 5


If you are still struggling to see the PowerPoint, here are some pictures of what is on the slides.

2 thoughts on “Year 4 English Task 12/02/21

  • 12th February 2021 at 2:58 pm

    Hermia told me that she is running away to the dark, creepy woods with Lysander at midnight. I decided to tell Demetrius to make him love me again. I followed Demetrius into the mysterious, magical woods and fell asleep. When I woke up Lysander and Demetrius were acting very weired and made full of me. Lysander and Demetrius thought over me and then this annoying girl called Hermia came and started to make full of me to! I know it that she was part of the plan. After that , I lost them in the white fog and then thought that I could have a little nap. Then Demetrius loved me back again and Lysander loved Hermia. Me and Demetrius married each other the same as Theseus and Hippolyta! Me and Demetrius have a happy life together. The end

    • 12th February 2021 at 3:21 pm

      That’s a lovely story Maja

      Thank you 🙂


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