Hall of Fame – Year 6

Here is some of the fantastic work that we have seen so far!


Evie’s poem about Athens:

A snap shot in time,
Rundown buildings packed so tight,
An amazing city filled with history,
In the ancient stone made walls of Athens

Built high in the hills,
A place to see, a place to be,
An explorers fantasy,
A place of tranquillity

Dry, hot and deserted,
An uneven ground of sand and stone,
Vast pillars that tell a story,
Long long ago

An ancient world of beauty,
Full of myths and legends,
Religion and culture,
God’s of war and God’s of love,
Uniting the world back together!


Sadia’s character descriptions:

I feel like Egeus just wants what is best for Hermia so that is why he has found her some one to marry.

I think Hermia doesn’t want to listen to other people she just wants the best for her and what she wants. like haw she wants to marry Lysander.

He is stubborn and if he doesn’t get what he wants he will get angry.

I feel like he would do anything to marry the woman that he wants to marry.


She will do anything to get the person she wants like Lysander.

He is the person who will do anything to say sorry.


Harry’s art work:


Marley’s divison work


Zain’s character descriptions:

Egeus is very mean and rude to his daughter Hermia and wants her to marry Demetrius but she loves Lysander and wants to marry him but if Hermia doesn’t marry Demetrius he would sacrafise her.

Hermia is a young woman she is kind but she is also being forced by her father (Egeus) to marry Demetrius but she wants to marry Lysander.

Lysander is a young gentleman who loves Hermia but her father wants her to marry Demetrius so Lysander and Hermia run off together but followed by Hermia’s friend Helena and Demetrius came aswell. Lysander casts a spell of Helena and Demetrius to make them love eachother.

Demetrius is a young lad who used to love Helena but then loved Hermia and followed Lysander and Hermia into the forest and fell back in love with Helena.

Helena loves Demetrius but he doesn’t love her back so she decides to follow Hermia and Lysander and Demetrius and Lysander are put in a spell

Theseus he is a duke he was told by Egeus to sacrafise his daughter Hermia but Theseus overrules Egeus.


Alex’s forest senses:

. What can you see?
I can see trees , birds singing and a path way that leads somwere
. What might you be able to hear ?
I can hear the birds singing and the calm wind.
What might it taste like?
taste like air
How would it smell?
it will smell like fresh air
What would you be able to feel?
I feel all the stones on the ground the relaxing wind
How would being there make you feel?
I will be exploring the forest and it will feel relaxing


Hassan’s forest poem:

All I can

Big trees,
Little trees,
It’s all I can see.

Earth beneath my feet,
It’s all that I can feel.

Birds chirping,
Plants rustling,
That’s all I can hear.

Sour air,
Is all I can taste.

Wetness of the wood,
Dampness of the mud,
Is all I can smell.


Autumn’s drama:






William’s artwork:


Tanisa’s description:


George G’s times tables:


Cyran’s PowerPoint:

my hero


Lydia’s maths:


Tyrell’s times tables:


Jaynelle’s poem:


Aamirat’s RE:


Simar’s artwork


Amazing work Year 6! This is just a snapshot of what you have been doing!

Look out for the next Hall of Fame!


Miss Kinsella and Mrs Maruzza.



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