Monday 11th May – Year 1

Good Morning Year 1,

We hope that you had a brilliant weekend! Are you ready for another week of learning at home? Before you get started, here is another Online Safety question for you discuss with your adult – don’t forget to type your answers into the comments!


Here are your set of activities for the day:

1. Sounds-Write Phonics



2. Reading/Writing

We are starting a new story today! We are going to show you the front cover but hide the title.

Look at the picture and make a prediction about what you think our story is going to be about:

Write your predictions in a sentence, e.g. I think the story is going to be about … because …


3. Maths

Compare Capacity

Click on this link:


4. Science

Watch this video:

What do evergreen and deciduous mean?

Step into your garden or go for a walk with an adult and collect as many different leaves as you can find. Can you see any of your leaves on this sheet? What tree do your leaves come from?

You may want to keep your leaves for an Art activity that we have planned for tomorrow! 



Have a super day and don’t forget to send us your work at:

Miss Simons, Mrs Brookes and Mrs Roberts : )


P.S. Here is a bedtime story read to you by Miss Simons … enjoy!

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